OK, So now you ask yourself... THAILAND?

I have a million questions! like...


How do I get there? Where do I fly in? Best way, cheapest way, great way, etc., What's there to do? What do I wear? What's the temperature, Where do I stay? Where can I stay? Do I need a passport?, A Visa? Shots? What's up with the Bars, nightclubs, nightlife, women, beaches, hotels, food, etc?


Well don't worry, this website will answer all of your questions along with pictures, maps, guidelines,  recommendations, etc., all in one easy location. So if you'd like to know more, continue on!


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Learn all about Thailand

Thailand is a wondrous kingdom, featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands.


Along with a fascinating history and a unique culture that includes delectable Thai food and massage, Thailand features a modern capital city, and friendly people who epitomize Thailand’s “land of smiles” reputation.

Did you know...


While the official language is THAI, many people speak English, especially amongst the younger generation since English is a required language in school.


Illegal drugs bring the DEATH Penalty in Thailand so leave your extra curricular activities at home.  There are plenty of other things to do to keep you occupied


Also that Prostitution is ILLEGAL in Thailand

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