BKK Airport

You've arrived in Bangkok at the BKK airport.  Here are thing you need to know to help you thru your way.  If you traveled either via Business or First Class, you should be issued a Priority Pass from your stewardess.  If not, see if you can get one.  One pass is good for one person. They will help you skip the long immigration line, to the VIP section and get thru immigration in a shorter time.  If your landing clode to midnight and are looking to see the nightlife that evening, speed is of the essence.

OK, so your through immigrations and received your bags. Head towards the left and which leads out the baggage area to the arrivals area.  Here you can find all of the cell phone carriers (see Communications), rental car companies, money exchange, banks, etc.  STOP HERE NOW before you leave the terminal if you need to exchange US currency to Thai Baht or need cell phone service

Instructions on getting to the Centre Point Suite Sukhumvit.


You have 2 choices.  Private car (limo) or Taxi.  You are on a 3 story level airport.  The Bottom floor is parking, Taxis & Buses, The 2nd Floor is for Passenger pickup, Limo's, etc. The Top floor is Departures.


If you want to take a Limo (Luxury Car), walk out on this level.  Cost is between 1000-1500 baht (negotiate).  If you want less expensive, take the slanted escalator (they hold luggage carts) down to the bottom and grab a Taxi.  Cost is around 500 Baht.  Make sure that you tell either service that you are going to  Centre Point Suite, Sukhumvit, Soi 10It is imperative that you say Sukhumvit SOI 10. There is another Centre Point located a few blocks away and they will take you to the wrong hotel!

Hint!  Don't bother renting a Car while in Thailand.  While its' not expensive, there are issues.  1) You need an international Driver's license, 2) Thailand drives on the LEFT side of the road, 3) Traffic is a nightmare, 4) There is no place to park, 5) Fuel is Expensive, 6) Taxis, private cars are public transportation are very inexpensive!