In today's technology world, "There no place like home" No Longer Applies!

Generally speaking, the Internet has connected us like never before.  You can communicate with anyone in the USA simply by using the Internet.  EMail, SMS Text, Skype, Viber, Cellphone, Magic Jack, etc.  OK, so how do you do it?  Almost every hotel, shop, restaurant has FREE WiFi.  They may be locked but all you have to do is ask for the password.

Cell Phones

In order to have communications while in Thailand, you have several options.


1) If you have AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, etc, they will have an Int'l plan  you can purchase which will activate your phone in Thailand.  It is expensive (as compared with local service)  AND it is unnecessary.


2)  WHILE  AT THE AIRPORT, simply purchase a PREPAID SIMM card from a local Carrier's Booth (I recommend TRUE & DTAC) with any option (I recommend adding Internet).  In order to obtain  local service, You MUST have an unlocked Cell Phone and one that uses a SIMM Card (sorry Sprint users).    The Representative will hook up and test your phone, while you wait!  Purchase 500 Baht ($15) on the card.  The service can can be refilled ("TOP UP") at any 7-Eleven or similar store which are on every block. Leave an announcement on your VM letting callers know how to reach you. Give them your new Thai Cell #.  Hint! Don't loose your old SIMM card! (DUH?)


3) If you have MagicJack, NetTALK or similar device, your US number will work in Thailand.  Anyone can call you on your US # and it will ring on your MagicJack device  AND there is a FREE MagicJack APP for Iphone, Android, etcAlso you can make phone calls for FREE, even if you don't own a Magic Jack.  It is NOT required!  You just need internet or WiFi Service.

Recommend APPs

Google Translate  Expedia

EasyPiecy Thai

Learn Thai

Bangkok Map







TIP!  ALL incoming calls to Cell Phones are FREE!  Text is the most often form of communication between Thai citizens and Foreigners.  They may not speak the language well, but they sure can Text!

TIP!  If you're using an iPhone and texting to another iPhone, if you see the iMessage in the text field, the text is FREE!