Help! I'm Sick

Contrary to popular belief, Health Care is Thailand is good and very inexpensive as compared with the U.S.A.

I forgot my prescription... I've run out of my pills...

Don't Fret, Access to pharmaceutical drugs is easy.  Simply go to  almost any pharmacy and ask for them by GENERIC name.  You can find these on WebMD, Google or other sites.

Other than narcotics, most pharmacy can fill most requests AND without a prescription.  Make sure to use a well know pharmacy in a tourist area and they are the most well stocked.

I'm sick! I'm injured! I need a Doctor, I need a Hospital!

If you need a Doctor, Dentist, etc, your first stop is the Concierge of your hotel.  They have a list of Tourist friendly (they speak English) health care professionals.


If you need to go to a Hospital, the wait time is usually short (less than 30 minutes).  And don't worry about insurance, if you do have it, they probably wont except it since they have no way to bill it.  The costs will be far less than costs in the USA.  A typical visit to the ER should cost less than $100 which you can pay by Credit Card.

Average Medical Costs:

Dental Cleaning:  $ 10

Antibiotics:           $  5

Physician Visit:    $ 25

ER Visit:                $ 25


Note, on a recent trip to Thailand, I accidentally got a piece of metal embedded under my finger nail.  I tried to remove it but apparently, there was a piece left embedded. Within a few days, my finger was swollen, throbbing, very sensitive and painful.  I went to the local Hospital at 10PM on a Friday night.  The ER Physician (a Resident trained in the US) gave me a local anesthetic, removed my finger nail,  removed the foreign body, cleaned the wound, gave me a prescription for Antibiotics, Pain medicine and sleeping pills.  The entire bill was less than $68

 I had to return the next day to have the dressing removed and put on a new one.  Cost?  $5