Just like in the USA, there are many different types of Police.  State Police, Immigration Police, City Police, National Guard, Army, Military Police, Naval Police, etc.  However in Thailand there is another branch called the Tourist Police.  While they may wear the uniform, they have no power of arrest.  They simply accompany the Thai Police and act as interpreter due to all of the different languages spoken by Foreigners.  And sine most of them are ex-patriots from their own countries, it makes it easier for a foreign tourist to talk to someone from their own country who understand the nuances of their own slang just as ""rolled me", "swiped", "swindled", "Conned", etc, you get the drift.  If any type of trouble occurs, ask for the Tourist Police.

If you do get into an altercation and a Policemen issues you a fine, ticket, etc. PAY IT IMMEDIATELY ON THE SPOT! Unlike the US court system, Once a written summons has been issued, you can pay the directly to the policeman.  This not only speeds up the legal system but aids you in not having to return to the country at a later time for a court appearance.  Sine there are so many tourist, it becomes difficult to run that type of a judicial system.  You might ask "Doesn't this increase bribes, payoff & corruption in the Police Department".  The simply answer is YES!  But you're only a tourist so deal with it!  Whether or not a ticket has been issued, discuss the amount of the fine with the officer and then PAY IT!  Remember, one you go on the books, it is difficult to re-enter the country at a future date.

Hint:  If you have a Thai friend, let them do the talking, negotiating with the Police.  While they may not get you off, they'll cut you a better deal!

Being a policeman is a thankless and tireless job.  Whenever you see a policeman, go up to them and say "I love this country, Thank You for allowing me to visit"!  It goes a long way and you never know when it may come in handy. Disrespecting a police officer, the King & Queen, talking badly about anything is a big NO-NO!  Remember, you are a guest in their country.  Enjoy yourself.   Keep all negativity, whining, complaining, cursing at home.  It is not tolerated in Thailand.